habana boxing club



STARRING  Laciel Gallardo, Alberto Bringuier-Schmidt, and Boncó Quiñongo

A closeted young boxer in rural Cuba fights his way out In this compelling sports drama, which was awarded Miami Film Development Project's Inaugural Fellowship. 

Set in the expanses of Cuba's province lands, Habana Boxing Club follows Chamaco (Laciel Gallardo), an ambitious young boxer wrestling with his identity in the face of a stark and hyper-masculine society.  When a talent scout comes to town and offers to train one of the boys in the most renowned gym in the capital, Chamaco must face off with his best friend and rival, Jefe (Alberto Bringuier-Schmidt), for a chance to escape.

But he will soon come to grips with an inevitable reality: his feelings for Jefe are developing into something he doesn't – and is not allowed to – understand. 

Featuring a rare dramatic turn from Cuban comedian Boncó Quiñongo and stirring performances from its young leads, Habana Boxing Club offers an affecting look at the crossroads of identity and ambition.

A MESSAGE FROM director danniel rodríguez

This is a film about introspection. Set against the backdrop of rural Cuba, Habana Boxing Club takes a look at the burgeoning struggles of a young man coming to terms with his taboo reality, fighting figuratively and literally to exist within himself. We look at how these struggles can seep into our daily lives, and how opportunity forces us to look at important aspects of ourselves. Exploring the masculine world of boxing, we contrast the emotional conflict of a social stigma with the brutality and intimacy of a sport designed to break down the body, only for it to heal itself.


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